Noise reduced and effective profile cooling by spraying, flushing or immersion cooling for flexible and rigid products. Our delivery programme is expanded by this modular 3 m zone design, fitted with transportation roller conveyors, with or without blow-off ducts, and mobile cooling channels with and without product conveyor belts. Our cooling channels are fitted with water filters and heat exchangers as standard, and are ideally suited for use in open or closed cooling circuits. A powerful assembled blow-off station with integrated side channel blower ensures that profile surfaces are completely dried, and flexible nozzles allow for perfect drying even for complex profiles. Various different air cooling concepts are available for profile cooling prior to paint applications.

Cooling Channel Model 176

The cooling channel model 176 uses extremely fine mist to cool the profiles. The all round spray cooling means that the profile temperature dissipates extremely quickly, bringing about the best possible cooling effect, and filtration systems prevent the spray nozzles from becoming blocked, thereby guaranteeing a reliable cooling function.

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Cooling Channel Model 179

Our cooling channel model K179 is characterised by the specially developed flushing nozzles. The cooling function is maintained by the continuous flow of water even with extremely contaminated or hard water, and additional collections of water make it possible to immerse the profiles, thereby ensuring good heat dissipation. The assembled blow-off stations with rigid and flexible nozzle systems provide flawless drying even with complex profiles, and the use of heat exchangers to connect the existing cooling systems is standard practice here at Gerlach.

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