In addition to the hot air vulcanisation systems, Gerlach Maschinenbau GmbH also offers supplementary machines for rubbers and vulcanisation technology.


The caterpillar can accommodate pulling forces of up to 2000 N. It is possible to fit the machine with a separate PLC control system, a drive for the upper and lower conveyors, automatic slip compensation, motorised height adjustment and additional safety devices, thereby ensuring that every single requirement is covered.
The machine also offers the option of controlling key machine parameters for the entire production line via the installed panel.

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Pull-off caterpillar Type BA 400

Suitable for continuously pulling off rubber profiles (with and without steel armouring), hoses or plastic profiles.
The BA 400 pull-off machine - developed for flexible use in production while conforming to all valid safety regulations stipulated by EU Directives. A comprehensive safety concept protects man and machine from injury and damage.

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Metal Core Heaters

Injected core metal inserts have a significant impact on the fixing function and rigid behaviour of elastomer profiles.
The critical adhesion between the extrudat and the metal core requires the inserts to be pre treated. The metal core heater ensures that any adhesion inhibiting substances (oils and contamination on the insert) are removed in the shortest possible time as a result of the heating effect, and the core temperature of the insert is simultaneously raised to the required extrusion temperature.

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The Rollaclean is a mobile unit that rapidly cleans the transport rollers on your hot air vulcanisation system. The unit is available in table or wall mounting design, and provides production oriented, time saving and smooth cleaning options, while the quick change adapter means that the Rollaclean can be quickly converted to accommodate common Gerlach transport rollers.

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Heat Tabber

The heat tabber is used in particular with double sided adhesive tape.

It is used to apply end tabs for the simple removal of liners from double sided adhesive tape. To do so, the product to which the double sided adhesive tape has been applied is slid underneath the applicator, where an additional liner is applied that will make it easy to remove the main liner at a later date.

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