Rapid profile pre cross linking in a confined space.

To carry out this procedure, we provide gas and electrically operated machined with different heat intensities and modulation options.

We also provide infrared, gas driven ceramic- and flow burners and adapted hot air pre-shocks.

The machines can be configured for single or multiple extrusion or as mobile, stand alone machines, and we will always provide you with the ideal solution based on your particular product requirements.

Pre-shock model V 116 – infrared pre-shock

The V 116 model is the classic piece of equipment for infra-red pre-shock treatment,  with the use of special short-wave infra-red emitters ensuring that excellent profile surfaces and early dimensional accuracy are achieved with both solid and sponge rubber products. A total of 4000 Watts can be emitted to the product with four power-output levels.

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Pre-shock model V 117 – infrared dark emitters

Our pre-shock model V117 uses ceramic emitters that have been specially developed for the short wave infrared range. This system is characterised by its very good modulation properties and high levels of stability, and the 360° allocation of the emitter surfaces ensures an all round shock effect even with complex profile geometries.

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Ceramic burner pre-shock model 118

Our gas driven pre-shock model V118 combines the energies from infra-red radiation and air convection, and the energy density of 3000 KW/m² means that excellent sponge rubber profiles can be produced at high production speeds. The use of gas also makes it possible to achieve these results at low operating costs.

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Flow burner pre-shock model V 119

The flow burner model V119 is setting new standards in our pre-shock range. The newly developed burner head enables targeted power output, and rapid profile pre cross linking combined with the use of gas as the energy source makes this system extremely economical. The power density is lower than that of the V118, allowing us to achieve the very best surface results and cell structures even at low vulcanisation speeds.

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Air pre-shock model V 122

Our air pre-shock model V122 is the perfect way to supplement your existing hot air vulcanisation system. We use our robust pre-shock equipment at temperatures of up to 580°C in order to ensure the rapid pre cross linking of profiles, and the use of hot air guarantees all round profile pre cross linking in the reactor area. Using this model also achieves excellent profile surfaces and early dimensional accuracy with both solid and sponge rubber products.

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Pre-shock Type P 158

Through the use of special short-wave infrared emitters, excellent profile surfaces as well as early dimensional accuracy are achieved with both solid and sponge rubber products. This machine is characterised by the arrangement of its emitters at four different levels, making 360° pre-crosslinking of the product optionally possible. The machine equipment and very good modulation properties in the range of 0-100% allow high flexibility in production mode. The profile is supported by removable guide rollers allowing the axle spacing to be adjusted according to the profile sag. The IR emitters are protected at all levels by special glass plates and the integrated cooling system also ensures a longer service life.

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