Our HLK-model machine series can be used as holding lines, or drying or vulcanisation machines. Our modular design means that the system can be configured to meet your exact requirements; whether using fresh air or environmentally friendly exhaust air with exhaust air treatment, we can provide you with the right configuration.

Hot air channels with and without exhaust air treatment, HLK 110

The machine model HLK 110 is a modular design hot air vulcanisation machine. The system is configured to meet your requirements, and the profile transportation can be carried out via temperature resistant PTFE belts or roller conveyors. Machine lengths of 6–24 m are also feasible, as is the adaptation of microwave (UHF) modules or the use of infrared emitters for paint drying. The operator concept features various composition management options as standard, and all this is combined with our energy saving operating principle with optional exhaust air treatment (PCT).

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Hot-air channel 106/114

Our three belt channel model 106 provides a long vulcanisation line with compact design. Specially designed for flexible profiles and hoses, this equipment technology provides a vulcanisation length of 60 m at a machine length of just 12 m, and separately powered conveyor belts and the option of an integrated cooling line mean that this system can be implemented in a flexible manner.

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