Our combined high performance shock channels combine the performance of all individual modules. The modular configuration means that the pre-shock, shock module, microwave zone and hot air zone units are combined to create an energy saving operating principle, and the integration of the optional exhaust air treatment (Pollution Control Technology) makes the Gerlach SHF machine an environmentally friendly and powerful complete concept.

Shock Channel SHF 145

The SHF 145 shock channel is particularly suitable for profile manufacturing in the automotive, industrial, building construction and civil engineering sectors. As well as the material EPDM, the system can also be used to process sulphur-vulcanised NBR and SBR rubbers. The use of rough hot air combined with microwave power of up to 24 KW also makes it possible to easily process high volume profiles, and the fresh air system provides good modulation possibilities for the temperature ranges.

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Shock Channel SHF 147

With its integrated exhaust air treatment (PCT) and the tried circulating air system, the shock channel SHF 147 is an efficient high performance system. Designed for high production speeds, this equipment technology is predominantly used in the field of automotive profile extrusion.

The modular construction consists of 3 m zones, namely the shock, microwave and hot air zones, and is supplemented by additional options, such as optional profile transportation via powered rollers or a conveyor belt, and additional auxiliary functions. This results in a smooth and matt profile surface, a fine cell structure in the case of sponge rubber, and rapid solidification of the profile geometry.

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