GERLACH systems are traditionally used to manufacture synthetic rubber sealing profiles for the automotive, industrial, building construction and civil engineering sectors.

The modular composition of the entire system, each module with elements of 3000 mm in length, makes customised configurations possible based on the particular product range.

As sole manufacturer, GERLACH can compute the optimal machine configuration for each application.

Pre-shock Equipment

Rapid profile pre cross linking in a confined space

To carry out this procedure, we provide gas and electrically operated machined with different heat intensities and modulation options. 

We also provide infrared, gas driven ceramic- and flow burners and adapted hot air pre-shocks.

The machines can be configured for single or multiple extrusion or as mobile, stand alone machines, and we will always provide you with the ideal solution based on your particular product requirements.

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Shock Channels

Increased efficiency thanks to compact 3-m shock channels

Compact modular 3 m shock channels with powered rollers are used in particular to increase efficiency, both with and without inflow conveyors.
Shock temperatures of up to 550°C are generated using gas heating, and the use of process air for the circulating air procedure is taken into account by the energy concept.  The roughly flowing and accelerated hot air in the channel generates the quickest possible heat transfer.

The result:  Rapid pre cross linking at high production speeds and with low levels of scrap.

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Hot Air Channels

Our HLK-model machine series can be used as holding lines, or drying or vulcanisation machines. Our modular design means that the system can be configured to meet your exact requirements; whether using fresh air or environmentally friendly exhaust air with exhaust air treatment, we can provide you with the right configuration.

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Combined Shock Channels

Our combined high performance shock channels combine the performance of all individual modules. The modular configuration means that the pre-shock, shock module, microwave zone and hot air zone units are combined to create an energy saving operating principle, and the integration of the optional exhaust air treatment (Pollution Control Technology) makes the Gerlach SHF machine an environmentally friendly and powerful complete concept.

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Water/Air Cooling Channels

Noise reduced and effective profile cooling by spraying, flushing or immersion cooling for flexible and rigid products. Our delivery programme is expanded by this modular 3 m zone design, fitted with transportation roller conveyors, with or without blow-off ducts, and mobile cooling channels with and without product conveyor belts. Our cooling channels are fitted with water filters and heat exchangers as standard, and are ideally suited for use in open or closed cooling circuits. A powerful assembled blow-off station with integrated side channel blower ensures that profile surfaces are completely dried, and flexible nozzles allow for perfect drying even for complex profiles. Various different air cooling concepts are available for profile cooling prior to paint applications.

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