When the company was founded back in 1971, Gerlach would never have dreamed that one day it would emerge as the global market leader. Indeed, Gerlach's current success is based on the company's founding idea of focussing its energy on one specific sector of the market: the vulcanisation of rubber profiles, which at the time had not yet been adequately perfected.

Key events:

  • 2001: Pollution Control Technology (PCT): reduces pollutant emissions.
    2002: Profile cooling without external disposal of exhaust gas: hydrocarbons are converted into water and carbon dioxide.
    2003: Software: operation is user friendly, all data is visualised, parameters can be pre selected and formulas managed.
    2004: Caterpillar: the upper bead adapts itself automatically to the profile.
    2005: Scanner for the SHF system: makes the temperature of the bottom of the profile a valuable decision making aid.
    2006: Ariane: threads the semi-automatic profile system, thereby saving time and reducing start up scrap.
    2007: Pre-shock equipment: warms up the profile bottoms within fractions of a second with up to 30 kW/dm².
    2007: Integration of the control loop: first fully integrated control, from the compounding stage right through to quality control.
    2011: Modularisation of the equipment technology and expansion of the product segment to include the civil engineering sector.
    2012: Modification of the SHF machine roller concept and expansion of the visualisation system by the Andon tool.
    2013: Development of a 360° IR pre-shock system and a gas infrared pre-shock system for lower power densities.